Tips for packing, moving and storage

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Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we get.

Can I help the removalists to save money?

Absolutely. After all its your possessions that we are moving so if you want to carry boxes to the rear of the truck you can. The only thing you can't do is enter our trucks due to insurance and liability reasons. We may also ask you to follow our directions in order to make the removal run smoothly.

What is the depot to depot charge

The depot to depot charge covers the cost of 2 removalists driving from the depot to your job, then from the job back to the depot. 

Why is hourly rate better?

If you get a fixed priced quote you will usually be quoted the maximum amount for each part of the job. They will always quote more time than expected so the savings of an hourly rate could be $100's.

How do I pay the bill?

All payments must be made in full immediately on completion of the job. We accept cash, Eftpos or Credit Card. We do not charge a surcharge for Credit Card use.

Do you have a minimum charge?

We have a minimum booking of 2 hours per job. Anything over this is only charged in 15 minute blocks.

Tips for packing, moving and storage
Tips for packing, moving and storage

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